Solar industry manufacturers looking for government hand-holding for competing in the Indian solar industry. India largely depends upon the import of solar industry goods, however increasing import duties will not have any immediate effect.

In a webinar presented by Tata Power & BusinessLine and powered by Exim Bank of India, industry leaders expressed their concern for the competition.

“Our plans are in place, but a lot would depend upon how and when the government’s policy framework comes.”, Ashish Khanna, President of Tata Power said in the webinar.

Saha noted when India began setting up solar plants, the Chinese were deeply entrenched in manufacturing. “As such, we have a one-and-a-half decade of technology to catch-up,” he said, stressing that while it is not easy, it is not impossible. “To do that, we need 2-3 years of hand-holding,” Saha, Chief Technology Officer, ReNew Power said, hastening to add that Indian manufacturers would then be able to narrow the gap between Indian and Chinese module prices, but may not eliminate it.

Source:- The Hindu Business Line