A solar power plant was inaugurated on May 1 next to the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre. This is one of two plants that have been commissioned to come up over the Bagjola Canal, one on each side of the Major Arterial Road.

New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) chairman Debashis Sen said: “Urban land is scarce and costly. Such a plant addresses the problem of the availability of land space for renewable energy. Placing solar panels on the canal top also lessens evaporation from the canal and prevents dust and litter from falling into the water. It also prevents mosquito breeding. So, it has multiple functions. Above all, it is a great contributor in reduction of global warming by consequent reduction of conventional power use.”


A traditional 500 kWp solar power plant requires about two acres of land. It generates about 7,30,000 units of solar electricity a year. A thermal power plant emits 6,57,000 kg of carbon dioxide to generate that amount of electricity.

This plant was formed prematurely. “Our term would end in September. But in early April, we were asked if we could finish one of the crops on April 30. War-torn work had been done,” said Aban Saha, director of Agni Power and Electronics, which oversees the construction. The electricity generated will be used at the convention center. Any additional production will be sent back to the power grid, connected to a network meter.

Saha says this will be the largest solar power project so far in the country. This 100m tall plant is 41m wide. “NKDA has already built a solar-powered plant between Gate 5 and 6 at Eco Park since 2015. Thanks to this plant, we have saved Rs 92 lakh in electricity bills over three years,” said Sen.

The plant on the other side of the road will take time, sources said. Although half of the construction is done, industrial oxygen will be required for any type of cutting. Since the national government is combining all industrial oxygen to be used as medical oxygen, that has been stopped.

Source: Telegraph India