The solar energy sector in Gujarat is facing major challenges with an investment of Rs 1,500 crore hanging in the balance on roof projects, according to estimates by a clutch of solar power producers.

They recently made representations to the Department of Energy and Petroleum. They said there were more than 200 projects with installed capacity from 10KWh to 1MW still standing. Solar power developers informs that the reason is the change in Gujarat Solar Policy last week of December 2020.

Demanding an extension until June 2021 to submit those projects registered during the implementation of Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2015.

“The solar sector in Gujarat has been suffering for the past few months due to policy shortcomings and poor response to real problems from the Gujarat government,” said a developer of 3.5MW project that was delayed over the past few months.

One of the main reasons for the project is that the government has stopped installing meters since December 2020.

“The new solar policy incorporates ‘bank’ money similar to solar tax,” one solar engineer told reporters in Ahmedabad. “No discussions have been initiated or an idea has been given about such a case. Also, the government stopped installing meters even though other states were in progress, giving enough time for pipeline projects to be completed.”

In addition, the new investment has dried up over the past few months as no one is taking over 10KWh projects.

“The government says there is a policy confusion in the Union power ministry,” said an EPC contractor with 12 projects with a total capacity of 3MW. He added: “projects worth Rs 1,500 are ready to be sent but the government does not include meters.”

The central energy department has introduced the Electricity Amendment Act of 2020. The provisions state that the PV roof-related system and related matters will provide load meters of up to 10KW and for a total load meter of more than 10KW.

Source: TOI