The international news agency, Reuters on Wednesday published the squeezing supply of solar panels. US, India, European countries & others were heavily dependent on imports.

China being the biggest consumer cum producer of solar panels has caused stress in the industry. Dumping the cheap quality product in the African & Gulf countries to capturing the industrial market of developing & developed countries has really created one-sided gameplay.

Domestic manufacturers looking to fill the gap but the global increase in raw material price is making the idea unviable. Solar Developers hooked up with the Chinese manufacturer for the lower cost to participate & win the government tenders, but the price hike doomed the projects.

Only in India, over 10GW solar tenders were proposed to have lower tariffs. Now certainly no tender will attain the lower tariffs, as developers on the process of canceling the LOAs. The bottlenecked supply of solar panels has stopped the nations to rethink their import policies & focus more on setting up domestic manufacturing units.

“We will continue to take price up, and we’re willing to give up some volume in order to protect margins,” Yan Zhuang, president of the company’s module-making division, said on a conference call with investors last month. [Source: Reuters]